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About Pijar Foundation

Pathways to the Future

Pijar Foundation is Indonesia’s fast-growing philanthropy non profits with the mission of safeguarding Indonesia’s vision to be one of the largest economy by 2045. We achieve the mission through 3 strategies: Massive Talent Re-skilling, Entrepreneurships Acceleration, and Public Policy Advocacy. Pijar focuses on 2 themes: The Future Planet (I.e. Energy, Sustainability, and Agriculture) and The Future Talent (Employability and healthcare).


Our Story

Pijar Foundation is located in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Pijar’s Board of Directors consist of 6 highly accomplished individuals, which 4 of them are females. Pijar Foundation is a youth-run organization with most of its staffs are under 30 years old. with only 30 staffs members, In 2022 alone, Pijar Foundation have executed 20 projects, incubated 10 startups, re-skilled 45,000 individuals, partnering with 250+ organizations, Published 10 articles, 100+ network of mentors, and funded 15 grassroot communities


Meet The Directors

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