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A Conference with A Flair, Like Never Before




Throughout the day, expect nothing less than a transformative experience that redefines the essence of conferences.

Let us guide you through a world seen through the innocent eyes of children, where their pure perceptions bring clarity and foresight to our discussions. Witness a tapestry of theatrical narratives interlaced with incisive discourses from today's custodians that reflect our present and forecast our future. Experience children’s unfiltered insights weaving together dreams and pragmatic conversations about what lies ahead.

Art performances by  will grace the beginning of the event and will be interspersed throughout the day's sessions.

Opening Session

Official Opening & Keynote Speech 


Introduction to Pijar Foundation


H.E. Pratikno

Minister of the State Secretary

of The Republic of Indonesia


Ferro Ferizka

Executive Director

of Pijar Foundation


H.E. Ir. Joko Widodo

President of the Republic of Indonesia

The Future: 
Where We Are Heading Together

In this inaugural discussion, brace yourself for a critical reality check and a deep dive into Indonesia's present trajectory and the prospects that lie ahead. Esteemed leaders and dynamic visionaries will come together to shed light on the resilience forged from past challenges and the advancing momentum fueled by innovation and the fresh perspectives of youth. This panel, blending sage wisdom with the vitality of ongoing progress, promises to equip you with a deep understanding of Indonesia's potential and the collaborative role we all play in its ongoing narrative.


Mari Elka Pangestu.png

Shinta Widjaja Kamdani

Chairman of Indonesian

Employers Association


Mari Elka Pangestu

Former World Bank

Managing Director

of Development Policy

and Partnerships

Conversation Leader:


Indrawan Nugroho

CEO of Corporate Innovation Asia

Future Talent: 
Preparing The Humans Fit for Our Imagined Future

The sophomore panel embarks from our collective aspirations to address a pivotal question: How can we best arm our current and future trailblazers for the unfolding narrative of opportunities and challenges? Picture a conclave where stewards of progress meet the pulse of youthful zeal. Here, we navigate the confluence of learning and legacy, marrying the sagacity of time-honored traditions with the zest of modern innovation, enterprise, and public policy. In this rich dialogue, we will craft a tapestry of insights, fostering potential through the harmonious blend of steadfast heritage and pioneering educational and business practices, as well as bureaucracy.



Jefrey Joe


& General Partner

Alpha JWC Ventures

Dito Ariotedjo

Minister of Youth

and Sports Affairs

of The Republic of Indonesia

Sri Paduka Mangkoenagoro X

Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran

Adipati Aryo (KGPAA)

Mangkoenagoro X

Conversation Leader:


Farhannisa Nasution

Expansion Director of EdHeroes

Future Planet :
Safeguarding and Optimizing The Earth for Future Generations

As we reach the high point of our summit, we face a profound question that touches the heart of our era: How do we craft a tomorrow where our planet continues to be a vibrant home, full of life and opportunity, for all our descendants? We delve into crucial discussions about caring for our environment, embracing sustainable ways, and working together to protect our shared home.



Patrick Walujo

CEO of GoTo Group


Diaz Hendropriyono

Special Staff to

the President of Indonesia


Arcandra Tahar

Independent Commissioner

of PT PLN (Persero)

Conversation Leader:


Gita Syahrani

Chair of the Executive Board - Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi

Beyond the Show


Step into an exhibition of vision and vitality, where thought-provoking installations ignite conversation and connection.


Here, Pijar Foundation’s initiatives, from Future Skills to Townhall Muda, shine as beacons of progress, alongside our partners’ multifaceted contributions from across the globe. Together, they form a crucible of collaboration, each displaying a nexus for networking and sharing the multitude of visions that will shape our shared tomorrows.


Lunch & Learn

Elevate your lunch hour into a fusion of flavor and foresight at the "Lunch & Learn" session. 

As palates are pleased, minds will mingle over transformative innovation, discussing everything from AI's promise to the evolving dynamism of retail and fintech over lunch. 

Spread in multiple simultaneous gatherings, Lunch & Learn links up likeminded audience and those with similar curiosity, providing them a unique opportunity to satiate the hunger for knowledge and connection, and possibly to cook up Indonesia’s next ground-breaking innovations.

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